When are lineups posted?

Lineups are posted throughout the day, please follow us on Twitter for most up-to-date information.

When are pitchers posted?

Pitchers are posted two days prior to game day. While we could post it earlier, the rotation could change due to injury or other reasons.

How often is weather updated?

The weather is updated throughtout the day, right up until game time.

How will this help me?

If you know that the Mets are changing their second baseman tonight, then you could plug the backup into your DFS lineup, freeing up funds for a better pitcher.

Will this help me win at FanDuel?

It will definitely help, but cannot guarantee a win. It lessens the likelihood of starting a player who is injured, resting, or has his game postponed. If you need assistance filling specific gaps, check out Roster Nerds free help.

What are the four weather segments?

The first one is for start time of the game, the other three are the next three hours. This should help you determine if a sprinkle at 7:05 will clear up and allow the game to start late, or if you need to completely avoid a game due to possible postponement.

What does the red background mean for weather?

If there's a 50% of more chance of precipitation, we highlight it in red for you. This should help you determine if you think the game will be postposted or not.